Data provision

The provision of marketing data for professional service firms is our speciality having refined our processes over the last decade and a half. Chartered Research have a unique understanding of what insight is needed to support our clients in reaching their new business objectives. Chartered Research works with a panel of suppliers who are both International and National data owners, this gives us the flexibility to ensure we get you the best marketing data that fits your needs.

Data Audits and Cleaning

Like most things in life, if you use a tool that is dirty all you’re going to do is spread muck, clog things up and create damage.
To avoid this with your marketing activities, Chartered Research can provide a full and free data audit. The audit will identify the current condition of your data and its suitability in achieving your marketing goals. Once these areas have been identified we can then advise you of where the issues are and how they can be resolved.

Data Research

Sometimes it just is not possible to buy the marketing data you want or get the decision maker you need to speak to.
This is why Chartered Research has built a team of Market Research Specialists to find this information for you. With a multitude of business information platforms at their fingertips, a savvy for LinkedIn and Google searching, knowledge of reading annual accounts and the charm and wit to sweet talk even the hardest gatekeeper. Our team can enhance your marketing data to improve campaigns and increase responses and engagement.